WP AdSense plugin with one goal – Max AdSense Income!

AdSense Ninja Plugin was designed from ground up to make you more money! This plugin is the result of over 10 years experience in AdSense optimization. Each ad placement was tested on millions of pageviews, and has show an increase in RPM of 50% or more*!

Here are the key benefits:

  • Quickly Place Ads above & below Content & in Comments, on All Posts & Pages.
  • Disable Global Ads on Individual on Posts/Pages.
  • Show Mobile or Desktop optimized ads based on size screen & USER-AGENT.
  • A/B Test different AD sizes / colors / layout.
  • Place Ads anywhere inside content with Short-code
  • Place Ads Inside Comments**!
Single site
Increase CTR & RPM
Optimized for Mobile
A/B Testing
Easy to Use
Ads in WP Comments
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Unlimited sites
Increase CTR & RPM
Optimized for Mobile
A/B Testing
Easy to Use
Ads in WP Comments
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You can buy a single site license, and if you need to upgrade later, you can do so at a prorated price! Start small, and upgrade and you need.

How AdSense Ninja plugin works

Our plugin is designed to help bloggers quickly deploy AdSense or other ad networks, on any WordPress based website/blog. You can use global Above and Below content placements, to display ads on all your post and pages in seconds!

If you need to turn off ads on specific page or post, you can do so in Post Editor.

You can also compare AdSense vs other Ad Networks such as Media.net, Chitika, AdThrive, etc, by using built-in AB Testing.

Using our powerful AB Testing, you can also compared different AdSense ad unit sizes/colors/formats, to find out which will produce more revenue.

If you want to place ads through-out page text, you can do so with a shortcode like this:


Here is a demo of how the plugin works:

We are also developing a “lazy feature” where you can place an ad after X number of paragraphs on the post/page. This feature is not ready yet, and our internal testing shows that it’s better to manually place ads in content with a shortcode.

Fast Ads Deployment

Setup ads in your AdSense Dashboard, paste them into Above and Below content (Top & Bottom ad placements), Comments, and in content using simple short-codes!

AdSense Ninja WP Plugin Screenshot

No need for poorly performing Responsive Ads

Setup mobile ad units, and paste them in the mobile ad fields – the plugin will take care of the rest: Show desktop ads on Desktop/Tablets and Mobile ads on smartphones. Our experiments have shown as much as 104% revenue increase by switching from Responsive Ads to device-specific ads.

Simple A/B Testing

AdSense Ninja plugin makes it super easy to run AB Tests / Experiments to compare different ad formats / ad unit sizes, text ads vs image ads, etc. In our internal testing we saw as much as 137% revenue difference, when comparing 728×90 leaderboard and 336×280 large rectangle ad sizes!

AdSense AB Test

Best of all you can AB Test every ad placement, independently of each other. Once you find a winner, keep it for maximum income***.

Ads in Comments

Visitors that get to your comment section will rarely click on ads, because they are getting ready to leave your site. Using AdSense Ninja Comment Ads feature, you will give this visitors another chance to click an ad, and earn you some extra income, by displaying ads between comments, at set intervals, set by you!

We’ve tested comment ads on one of our websites and made $500 extra income in less than 6 month from a relatively small traffic website (700-800 daily visitors)


* We cannot guarantee same results as we show on this site. While we were able to increase RPM by over 50% on average (and over 100% in many cases), your results will vary depending on implementation, site content, varying CPC bids in Google’s ad network and many other factors.
** Ads in comments feature is experimental, and you theme/site design will affect appearance, CTR and RPM.
*** Conducting AB Testing requires setting up a Custom Tracking Channel and associating it with each Ad Unit that your are testing.

To see best results, follow our guidelines on Plugin Support Page, and when placing ads inside your WP dashboard.




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