Here you can find resources that are useful for optimizing your website’s mobile version or theme to improve your AdSense Earnings. Because Mobile (smartphone) traffic is growing, and will soon surpass Desktop traffic, it is STUPID to ignore your smartphone site visitors, by showing them ugly site made for large screen size.

You are losing money and potential returning traffic, and in fact – after Google’s Mobilegeddon update, if your site is not mobile friendly, you probably are not getting many smartphone users anyway. Regardless, you are losing out if you are not Mobile-Friendly!

Here is what you can achieve by optimizing mobile ads – How I Doubles my site income:

I took this to heart 3 years ago, and after spending countless hours (over 120 hours total) trying to figure it out, I think I got it. The results speak for themselves! I was able to increase my newly acquired website’s adsense traffic by 104% in the first month, simply by improving mobile ads!


1) How to optimize your WordPress blog for mobile visitors.

My WordPress Mobile Optimization guide

This guide walks you through my best methods, that you can use, to make your WordPress based blog smartphone friendly. Includes themes and plugins (very few good ones) that I use.

2) Show Mobile Optimized ads for smartphone users, automatically, with my simple PHP script (Free)

FREE Mobile Ad Switcher PHP Script that I use on ALL my websites to show mobile friendly ad size, when user comes from a smartphone. This script uses Browser User-Agent to determine if visitor comes from a desktop, tablet or smartphone and shows different size ads.

Using this script to replace Google’s poorly performing Responsive ads, I was able to increase my investment site income by 104% in the first months. I will make a special post and video about it.

3) Don’t waste time with “pretty” WordPress themes that kill your earnings

adsense-theme-sidebarFor long time I thought that pretty website is important. Until I created website with an UGLY WordPress theme, and it was killing it with AdSense. I ran an AB test – Ugly theme VS Pretty theme, and UGLY won by over 100%.

Still I don’t want my site to be ugly. So I created a compromise. A simple, yet elegant WP Theme, that’s optimized for both Mobile and Desktop users, with Conversions and AdSense put in first position. This theme includes all my special scripts for automatic ad switching based on User-Agent, AB testing of ad placements and sizes to improve CPC, and RPM.

I use my WP AdSenns theme on 80% of all my websites, with great success!

WP AdSense Theme Demo – this here is what theme looks like. If you are on desktop browser, try going into Development Mode and preview it as Mobile Device.

This theme helped me improve my other investment site income by 3 fold. I bought that site for $3300 in Oct 2015. By Dec 2016, the site has earned $7292.67 or 221% in just 13 month. And it’s been running my WP AdSense theme from day 1.

The theme costs $75 with unlimited lifetime updates. If it helps you improve your adsense earnings by just 20% (which is more than reasonable) and lets say you make $500 / month now – it will more than pay for itself in the first 30 days, and will keep on giving! Buy it now here


  1. Hi, my name é Lucas. I would like to know if you can analyze the ads of my website and see if the banners are right, or I need to improve. Thank for your attention. see you negociodemarketingdigital .com

  2. Hello,

    Where is the PHP script alluded to in your YouTube video?

  3. Hi Leo

    I have a website and i was wondering if you would be able to help me increase my “Ad Sense” performance?

    • Aroldo,

      I could look at it … however, it should have high traffic already. Fill out this contact form:


      – site traffic
      – site URL
      – approximate monthly income

      If it’s more or less good income and/or traffic, I may be able to help you increase it.

      If you have 100 visitors a day, it may not be worth the time optimizing AdSense, when what you really need is traffic.

      Good luck

    • Aroldo,

      We can definitely help – fill out our contact form and we can take it from there.

      Also if you want a quick chat, book a call with me on Clarity, send me your websites, and I will run through it and tell you what need immediate attention to improve earnings.

      Finally, you can actually accomplish most of the optimizations that I teach here, using my plugin, and following the included guides.


  4. i cant find the theme

    • Theme demo is here:

      However, I think it’s half-@$$ and is not ready for sale. I need to finish it, but I’ve been working on polishing the plugin, so did not get to finish the theme yet.

      Also I want to AB test the theme agains other options to confirm for myself that it’s actually that good, which also needs time.

      Finally, I’ve not made a decision yet, whether to include ad-placing features (like that of a plugin) into the theme. I think it’s good idea, but if people will want to switch to something else, they lose the ad placement options, and will have weird shortcodes throughout content, that don’t work (if user changes the theme that is) …

      So I think it’s ideal to just release the theme with customizations for better adsense, but no options to place ads …

      Need to revisit this.

  5. Hello, Can you please if my ads are in the correct way ??
    I have daily 1200 impression but 00 clicks What could be possibly the problem?

    • Riad,

      You have a responsive ad above the fold which is 300×50 that’s why you are not getting much

      However i don’t know why you get zero clicks how many of those 1200 impressions are unique visitors?

  6. I have daily 1k page views (around 400 visitors) but most of them from Indonesia. Is there any way to increase my earnings. I did lots of testings and Still I couldn’t able to success. Can you please advice me.

  7. Hello, i get 100 visitors a day at but $0.00 with 3 Adsense ad units…Suggestions? Thank you


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