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AdSense Success Ninja helps you learn how to improve you income from Google’s contextual ads (AdSense). We post great free guides, scripts and tool here, that can show you the potential of your website’s earnings as well and steps you can take to increase them.

AdSense Success course: In few weeks we will release our advanced all-inclusive video course, that shares with you every secret, technique and tools, that WE USE to improve ad revenue by over 100% (examples here and here).

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We've developed a very fast WP theme that is made to look simple, attractive and give you more adsense clicks.

In fact this theme is all about adsense - its super optimized for MOBILE and DESKTOP ads, and the method we use for mobile ad optimization helped me increase the revenue of my investment website by 86% in the first month (traffic stayed the same)!

Check out my WP AdSense theme.

In the near future I will also make available my AdSense Plugin, which does all the same as the theme, but you can keep your current site design (in case you don't want to switch).

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  1. Which is the best Adsense ads units sizes that pay high revenue?


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