$10000 website earned me $11 on AdSense

$10000 website earned me $11 on AdSense

Hey Webmasters and AdSense fanatics. This is just a quick update about my first $10000 website that I just bought on Flippa. So I finished transferring the site, and already installed my ads (replaced previous owner’s ads) on the site.

So far I’ve earned $11.44 on this site which makes me awkwardly happy šŸ™‚ … While this is just 1/10 of a percent, and I have ways to go to recoup my investment in this site, let me explain:

I’ve already done some adsense optimization and modified the theme that the site is running on, to give my ads better exposure. Main changes that I’ve made are on Mobile and it’s already working.

The main difference is that before I got this site, mobile ads were WAY below fold. In part because the site was showing unnecessary meta information (date, author, comments count, etc) and also because of HUGE site logo that would take half of an iPhone screen. Also there was a search bar below navigation menu. I got rid of ALL of these “bad” things, and now my top mobile ad earns 45% of all site income!

I used my proven Mobile Ad Switcher PHP script to automatically show either DESKTOP or MOBILE ad unit – so I don’t need to use low-earning responsive ads.

But what makes me happy about making $11 bucks on a $10K purchase?

Well – it’s the fact that I increased site RPM (revenue per 1000 page views) by about 58% from $1.44 in November to $2.28 so far.

Sure it’s too early to call, but I’m on the right path. If in November the site has earned $325, then if my RPM stays the same, and my traffic stays the same (which I plan to work on), I am on the path to making about $515 in the first months! Now consider that there is also a residual Affiliate income on the site of about $200 / month, which I also plan to increase,

I’m looking to recoup my investment in about 14 months! But honestly, I usually want this to be under 12 months. Ideally i want my investment sites to make back what I’ve invested in them in 8-10 months! I say that because I’ve successfully done so with multiple sites so far.

I will make another post today to go over ALL my investment sites, as well as begin my series of Monthly Earnings reports.

Happy making money with AdSense to all!

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