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Web publishers are good at content creation, but many struggle with Monetizing their blogs and websites. Between publishing content, sharing it on Social Media, doing Keyword Research and competitor analysis, bloggers don’t have time or knowhow to improve earnings by ad optimization, and rely on SEO and traffic growth to boost income.

However with some clever optimization tweaks, your income can increase by 30-50% and even more, with just the traffic you already have. When you grow your traffic, the earnings will compound with increase in site visits and income per visitor!

We will help you increase ad revenue from Google AdSense, by analyzing your current ad layout, website’s Mobile and Desktop design, and suggesting optimal ads placement & UX/UI tweaks, to increase your income!

Unique Approach vs Outdated Advise from “web gurus”

While each website / blog is unique, most websites have similar aspects that limit their ad revenue. Most bloggers follow Google’s outdated ad layout diagram:

This might have worked 10 years ago – although even our early data suggest that it didn’t work well. However today most websites do not follow these layouts, and our numerous AB tests show that most ad sizes in the above diagram produce little income. Yet, almost every “guru” on the “interwebs” will tell you to do it this way.

We use scientific approach of CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization (where conversion is measured in Ad Clicks, as well as how much these clicks payout), and run numerous AB split tests to definitively pick the winning ad sizes and placements. Some of our test last for 6 months or longer, to avoid seasonal and holiday fluctuations. The data we get, allows us to know with 100% certainty which ad layout works better for each individual site.

Our Results:

Tap into our 25+ years of combined AdSense optimization experience to turn your Blog / Website into a mean money making machine!

Here are some examples of improving website income, measure in Earnings per 1000 PageViews (Page RPM):

Page RPM is the best metric to measure the improvement in ad revenue per visitor. For example, if your starting Page RPM is $10, and you boost it to $14, that is a 40% increase in earnings per visitor! Let’s say your blog gets 100,000 page views per months, and we increase your RPM from $10 to $14. Your income will go from $1000/month to $1400/month, or by $400.

That is an annual increase of $4800! And now you can concentrate your efforts on content marketing, and growing traffic, while your income is compounded. Increase in traffic will produce 40% more income!

However, as you can see in the screenshot above, 40% is not the limit, and we often average 60-100% increase in RPM!

What we can do for you (our services):

We offer 3 different “standard” packages, as well as customized approach for bigger websites. Our work is very flexible, and while we like and prefer working with WordPress sites (which today is the largest web publishing platform in the world), we can also work with custom PHP and HTML sites, or any other CMS/Template based website for that matter, regardless of underlying technology.

Basic Consulting

Our basic package consists of analyzing your website, and providing our best advise on what you should do to improve your AdSense earnings, as well as suggestions on ad placements and AB experiments that your should conduct (AB Testing requires either our AdSense plugin for WordPress or some other means to run AB split test – we provide free PHP code here).

Basic Consulting Package Cost: $400

Basic package is ideal for any website earning at least $100 / mo on Adsense, and for those website owners who want to grow income, and feel they can do everything themselves, when pointed in the right direction.

Advanced Consulting with setup

Our advanced package includes all items from Basic Consulting plus the following:

  1. We analyze your current traffic and ad placements, and come up with a strategy to increase your earnings.
  2. Setup AdSense ad units, and Custom Tracking Channels
  3. Setup ad placements and AB experiments.
  4. Analyze the results of AB test after 2 weeks or 30,000 PageViews, and advise you as to which ads are most profitable for you.
  5. Include 3 hours of UX/UI tweaks and/or Template CSS style adjustments to improve conversions of your website (as described in this guide).
  6. If your website is not WordPress based, we can also do PHP implementation of AB Testing on your site.
  7. Provide final analysis and suggestions after 30 days.
  8. BONUS: 30% discount for our AdSense Ninja WP plugin

Advanced Consulting Package Cost: $1750+

Advanced Consulting package is ideal for websites earning at least $250+/mo with Adsense, and for bloggers who prefer to concentrate effort on content creation and marketing, while letting the professional improve their income.

Premium Consulting Package:

Premium package includes everything from Basic and Advanced, and:

Deeper analysis of top 20 posts/pages (by traffic), to determine which type of content earns more money on your website, to help you develop the “right” content, as well as figure out why these pages earn more than others.

3 months of AdSense analytics, ongoing AB testing, custom AB tests on top 5 post/pages.

As an option, we offer optimization service for additional websites.

BONUS: FREE AdSense Ninja WP plugin (Unlimited Websites version)

Premium Consulting Package Cost: $5000+ (Contact us before purchasing this option, to discuss details)

Premium package is ideal for websites earning at least $1000, with high traffic, and for bloggers with multiple websites, that want to dramatically increase their income across multiple blogs.

Optional: We can perform an AB test of different website Themes / Templates / Designs (WP-based sites only) to identify if different themes affect the earnings. These setup is time consuming, so there an extra $1000 fee for this.

Additional Items:

Consulting packages above assume that your website is based on WordPress. If you have a other or custom CMS, a PHP or ASP based custom site, there will be additional charge, depending on how complicated our implementations will need to be.

Ongoing AdSense optimization service with additional AB testing and analysis will cost an average of $600-1000/mo depending on amount of work required, and is best suited for bigger sites, with higher incomes, and traffic.

Feel free to use the form below, to submit requests to evaluate your website, or unique situation.



  • Customized Consulting That Goes Beyond A/B Testing

    I originally contacted Leo after seeing the amazing results of his own adsense optimizations. It started as a simple inquiry for his help in setting up Adsense A/B testing.

    As he looked into my website more, he ended up tackling a multitude of technical details that were far above my head. Leo went above and beyond to provide the help I needed, including issues with hosting, DNS and (of course) A/B adsense testing.

    I won’t hesitate to use his services again.

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