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LOREM IPSUM is use to fill pages with meaningless text, for demonstration purposes. In this case, we are demonstrating different ad behavior on Desktop and Mobile devices, when served by AdSense Ninja WP plugin. We also demonstrate here active AB testing of different ad formats.

To view mobile version of this page on desktop, enable Developer Tools in your browser (Chrome preferred), and view on “mobile device” emulator.

Simulate mobile device in Chrome:

  1. Activate developer tools by pressing F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows/Linux or Cmd+Option+I on MacOS
  2. Toggle Developer Toolbar (Mobile Simulator) by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M on Windows, Linux or Cmd+Shift+M on Mac.
  3. Select iPhone 5 from the drop menu
  4. Choose 100% view to see better. We recommend toggling developer tools to the right, when simulating Mobile Device.
How to Simulate Mobile Device in Chrome

How to Simulate Mobile Device in Chrome

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