WP AdSense theme, for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet


This light, easy to read and navigate WordPress theme is optimized for increasing your AdSense earnings. Use this theme to quickly insert Desktop and Mobile ads without any plugins!

We tested this theme on 7 different websites with over 2,100,000 unique page views (primarily in the USA) over past 12 months, that we have developed ourselves or purchased from Flippa or through direct sales, and on average we’ve seen the increase in RPM (Revenue per 1000 Impressions) go up by 50-80%


This theme offers SIMPLE ad insertion mechanism by using SHORT-CODE anywhere in your content. One ad will work for both MOBILE and DESKTOP/TABLET layout (need code for 2 ads with specific ad size for each platform).

This theme will help you easily run A/B tests to find the best ad placement, color and size combinations. All you need to do is select ad units you want to run in a specific placement, and add a SHORT-CODE – best for testing Top, Bottom and In-Content ad placements.

Full Mobile Optimization!

Our data shows that over 45-50% of all mobile traffic is from iPhones (320px wide layout), so we’ve optimized this theme to perform best on iPhones. As a result it also performs excellently on any Android or Windows (and other platforms) phones with any screen resolution of 320×480 or larger.

Our custom CSS design allows you to use the best performing Mobile ad units.

No need to use Responsive ads Units!

Because we designed this theme with mobile users in mind, you don’t have to use Responsive ads, which in our testing shows and 85.6% increase in earnings (Fixed Size units performed almost 2x better than Responsive).

All you do is provide two ads – one for Mobile, and one for Desktop/Tablet and our theme will detect the type of device, and show proper ad size automatically!

Easy Ad Placement

Simply copy and paste your ad code into specific placement templates, and add INCLUDE short-code in any place in content or in theme design.

As we continue to develop this theme, soon we will add features to easily include Desktop and Mobile ads inside theme settings. Here is what this will look like

NOTE: This feature is currently not available, as it’s in development, but will be includes in free update!


No 3rd party plugins needed!

We built this theme with 3 most important tools for AdSense optimization aimed at growing your Income:

  1. Simple Ad Insertion
  2. Native Mobile Detection
  3. Simple A/B Testing

By doing this, we eliminate the need for ineffective Ad Placement plugins, added risks of hacking (due to outdated plugins), and complete control of where your ads are displayed.

Our fast mobile detection technology is the most accurate way to show proper website layout and Mobile optimized ad units.

Our simple A/B Testing will help you find which ad units perform best for a particular ad placement. You can run multiple AB tests at the same time, in different places on your website, and on different pages!

In fact you are not limited by just two test variation – you can have UNLIMITED test versions (but we recommend to keep it under 4 versions for better understanding of your results).

You can run up-to 4 tests on the same page (Note that Google allows up-to 3 ads per page, but you can also add another Network to the mix, or a direct sale advertising).

Simple AB Testing

The way we setup our A/B testing mechanism is very simple – here is a recommended use scenario:

  1. Add your test versions
  2. Select which test versions you want to show
  3. Select placement for a particular test, add simple short-code in the WP Post/Page editor, and let the test run.

Our custom A/B test mechanism will show equal impressions for each ad. After you run the test for an extended period of time (we recommend at least 2 weeks to get best results), you can check your AdSense console to see which test version produced most income.

After initial two weeks, we recommend testing 2 best performing units against each other, for another 2 weeks.

While tests are running, you can concentrate on making your website better – adding new great content, optimizing on-page SEO, etc.

After you’ve determined best ad units to run in a particular spot, turn off the test and let your website make you money!

In our experience we’ve seen earning improvement ranging from 35% to 130% and it only takes a couple of hours to set up and check results!

What these numbers mean?

Think about using this theme in the following way: If your current website earns $1000 / month, and you increase your income by 35% you will be earning $1350 with the SAME traffic, and your investment will be 3-5 hours of your time to learn how our theme works (15-30 minutes) and setting up your ads, Custom Channels and A/B tests, as well as cost of the theme.

The real ROI: 

When you consider a $75 investment in the theme and 3-5 hours of your time, which can increase your income by 35% or more, and you won’t have to do anything else (assuming that your traffic stays the same), I think it is very much worth it!

Now if your website traffic grows, your income will grow exponentially!

Test this theme in action

AdSense-Success-WP-Theme---Mobile-PreviewIf you are viewing this page in Chrome – press CTRL + I (on Windows) or COMMAND + I (on Mac) to activate “Inspector Mode.

Next, select “Toggle Mobile Toolbar” to view Mobile Version of this theme. You can then select your virtual mobile device – we recommend iPhone 5, as it offers the smallest mobile page width of 320px. See screenshot below:

This is how you website would look on mobile. We have also added Mobile Only ad units. To see them, reload the page.

In the screenshot you see a sample 300×230 mobile ad unit. You can AB test this location (top ad placement) and compare results vs Google’s recommended 320×100 Mobile Banner.

HINT: 300×230 should significantly outperform Google’s standard mobile banner (300×50).

As an option you can run a test against a custom size ad unit such as 300×150 (in most cases it would only show Text Ads, as Google does not have image ads that fit 300×150 ad sizes).

5 thoughts on “WP AdSense theme, for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

  1. mike


    1. when will this theme be released?

    2. Having an ad at the top of the page (right after the title) on mobiles is against the Google adsense rules. Why do you keep showing such ad position on your page?

    Best, mike

    1. Leo - AdSense Success Post author

      Where did you see that it’s against the TOS to have ads under title???
      Please provide link to google’s policy that talks about this.

      Theme will be available soon …


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