Most websites are under-monetized, and can earn 50-100% more with Google Ads. I can help you achieve this goal by replacing Responsive Ads with Mobile Optimized ads that pay more per click (higher CPC) and place ads in right places to get hight Click-Through-Rate (CTR), leading to higher overall revenue per visitor (RPM). Here are some of my results in last 18 months:

Site 1: Increased RPM from $5.02 to $10.86 (up 116%, consistent over 8 months)

Site 1 RPM After Optimization

Site 1 After Optimization: AdSense RPM increase by 116%

Site 1 RPM Before Optimization

Site 2: Increased RPM from $12.33 to $28.05 (up 125%, consistent over 10 months)

Site 2 RPM After Optimization

Site 2 After Optimization: AdSense RPM increase by 125%

Site 4 RPM Before Optimization

Site 3: Increased RPM from $4.66 to $17.55 (up 227%, consistent over 11 months)

Site 1 RPM After Optimization

Site 3 After Optimization: AdSense RPM increase by 227%

Site 3 RPM Before Optimization

Site 4: Increased RPM from $6.62 to $13.10 (up 98%, consistent over 18 months)

Site 4 RPM After Optimization

Site 4 After Optimization: AdSense RPM increase by 98%

Site 4 RPM Before Optimization

This was my crown jewel – I sold this one on Empire Flippers for $30,982 in Nov 2017. The listing lasted less than 6 hours – one of the fastest sales on EmpireFlippers to my knowledge … I mean you can’t go much faster than that. At the time of this post, the funds were wired to me – should be arriving tomorrow.

EmpireFlippers Site Sale - Funds Transfer

Expect a full writeup on this soon.

All of the stats above are for my investment websites, most of which I bought on Flippa.

How I optimize / increase adsense income?

My approach is simple & effective – optimum ads placement + AB testing, for maximum RPM (revenue per visitor).

I optimize Mobile/Desktop ad placements & run A/B testing of different ad units to delivers maximum results, without compromising user experience & being Adsense TOS compliant.

If you have a high traffic website & want to substantially improve Ad Revenue – I’m your guy! I deliver results, easily measured in RPM increase.

What I do: 

✓ Adsense placement in WordPress and custom websites.
Mobile & Desktop ads optimization
✓ AB Testing of ad units, size/colors.
✓ AB testing of individual pages, or even entire site designs / WordPress themes.
✓ Extensive knowledge of WordPress / HTML / CSS / PHP needed for fast deployment of Adsense on most website platforms
✓ Custom ad placements based on user-agent, screen size, visitor’s country, etc.
✓ Optimizing mobile site UX/UI to make it load faster & display ads for max RPM/revenue.
✓ Full compliance with Adsense TOS

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