AdSense Income Calculator Estimate How Much a Website Can Earn with Google AdSense

AdSense Income Calculator Estimate How Much a Website Can Earn with Google AdSense

AdSense income calculator helps estimate monthly income from Google Ads on your website, competitor or potential investment website. Calculations are based on Monthly traffic / page views, traffic sources (Google organic / social / direct) Mobile vs Desktop and country from where users come to your site.

Monthly Traffic
Page Views
US Traffic
Desktop Traffic
Organic Traffic
Low End
Low End
High End
High End

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If you own a website, or consider buying one – the estimate you should be looking at is between LOW-END to MID-RANGE. High-End range is rare. However, you can increase your RPM, and subsequently site earnings, by optimizing ad placement.

What do the Low, Medium and High income ranges mean

These ranges represent an IDEAL maximum RPM (Revenue per 1000 page views) that your website can earn. Ideal means that 100% of your site traffic is US, ORGANIC, DESKTOP.

  • Low range: Maximum $8 RPM
  • Mid range: Maximum $15 RPM
  • High range: Maximum $30 RPM

While ideal is possible in theory, its impossible in reality, for websites that have any moderate level of traffic. Therefore, Max RPM is reduced by factors such as Source of traffic (organic being the most profitable), Country of visitor (US being the highest Cost Per Click country) and Desktop/Mobile, with desktop, typically offering better RPM/CPC.

Real Website AdSense Income Calculation

As an example, on my recent investment site, i was able to increase RPM by 122% and total earnings by 157% (with small increase in traffic), by making optimizations to mobile and desktop ads.

Try calculating my site’s earnings before I bought it:

Traffic: 324000
US Traffic: 42%
Desktop traffic: 28%
Organic traffic: 82%

What you will get is a low-range between $179 – $1300. If you read my report, the last 30 days income on the site was $325, and I increased it to an average of $835 (based on $27.85 / day for first 14 days)

Earnings estimates fall inline with 90% of small-to-medium size websites monetized with Google AdSense. The outlying 10% can have an extremely high or extremely low RPM, due to site’s nature. For example, my clients have sites where RPM is BELOW $1.00 and ABOVE $50.00 consistently (for years), both with primarily US traffic. These extreme cases however, are not included in the calculation.

RPM Extremely High and Low RPM

Here are screenshots of two different websites, with extremely low and extremely high RPM. What you need to take from this – it’s very unlikely for you to fall into either of these categories, but it is possible!

Extremely Low RPM – $0.53 with 100s of millions of pageviews

Extremely Low RPM
Extremely Low RPM

This site has earned over $250K in its lifetime, and is now making over $8000/month.

Extremely High RPM – $87.41 with 100s of thousands of pageviews

Extremely High RPM
Extremely High RPM

This site has earned over $120K in its lifetime. Currently is not monetized with AdSense, because it shifted into product sales.

NOTE: AdSense income estimates are based on millions of unique page views and over $1,000,000 in AdSense earnings used for calculating your website income potential.

13 Replies to “AdSense Income Calculator Estimate How Much a Website Can Earn with Google AdSense

  1. techtuts24 says:

    Wich one should I use?,I want to maximize my adsense earnings but I don’t know wich one is the best for me. Have a good one. And tha ks for you article

    1. I don’t get your question – which one “what” should you use?

  2. Jithendar Dharmapuri says:

    How this works??

  3. conductius says:

    So are you offering a theme or plugin or both?

    1. AdSense Ninja says:


      I will be offering both plugin and theme, separately and as a bundle.

      Plugin will go live in a day or two. I was going to release it last week, but found a minor issue which I want to fix before release.

      Theme – I felt it wasn’t ready for prime time, so I halted it in favor of finishing the plugin. Now that plugin is finished and works (except that small bug), I will finish the theme, and make it available too.

  4. Paul says:

    Would like to know where is the buy button for your theme and the adsense which you created?

  5. Bhawan says:

    Hi my name is bhawan
    I applied for adsense and i got rejected so is their anyway to get approval

    1. Bhawan

      Google is very picky about approving new accounts. Your site should have “good” content and some traffic, before you apply. Google will review it.

      Build up your site, and then re-apply… I mean without good content/traffic, you won’t be making any money anyway … unless you do fake clicks, but Google will catch up to that very fast and ban account forever… so highly NOT recommended to do fake clicks, click 4 click, etc.

      Good luck

  6. stuart says:

    wow these are some crazy states, however your calculator seems way off..

    1. Why do you say calculator is way off? I base it on over 20 sites that I own in different niches, as well as multitude of sites that I reivewed on Flippa as potential investment.

      You can’t compare “average” to a site that you might have that performs way better or way worse … you need to consider millions of pageviews, across different niches, all over the world.

  7. SY Koushik says:


    In the beginning which hosting service I should use?
    Please suggest me.

    1. SY,

      I use SiteGround for this and my other priority websites.

      If you just starting out, you can go for a $4/mo plan. If you don’t anticipate growing BIG in the next 2 years, prepay for 2 years – renewal price will be double. If you grow big, then upgrading service won’t be a cost issue down the road. I’m in planning stages of moving from GoGeek ($12/mo) to VPS, also on SiteGround.

      They have excellent speed and reliability – in over 2 years not one downtime.

      STAY AWAY from HostGator/BlueHost and other hostings from same company … you can google them. Their everything is terrible

      Good luck

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